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                 International Conference on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs (ICORD)
                 Chinese Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD)
                 Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH)
                    Manuel Posada, M.D., Ph.D.                               Rufang Huang
  Director of the Institute of Rare Diseases Research,         Founder、President of CORD
              Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain                               
                            ICORD President


Shuyang Zhang, M.D., Prof.
Vice President of Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Programme Committee:


                                Steve Groft                                 Rachel Yang, M.D., Ph.D.
               Chair of Programme Committee               Co-Chair of Programme Committee
   Consultant on rare diseases NCATS/NIH, USA     Director of International Affairs, CORD
                      ICORD President-Elect                                 General Manager,
                                                                             Shanghai Phoebus Medical Co. Ltd.

                         Ramaiah Muthyala                                   Maja Stojiljkovic
                 President of Indian Organization                     Senior Research Associate
                     for Rare Diseases, India                          University of Belgrade, Serbia
     ICORD Board member and RDI Council member             ICORD Board member

                             Marlene Haffner                                   Barbara Wuebbels
                       Haffner Associates, USA                      Vice President Patient Advocacy,
                   Former ICORD Board member                    Audentes Therapeutics, USA

                                                                                 Former ICORD Board member

                                                        Mengchun Gong, M.D.
                                                         Executive Director,
                                    National Rare Diseases Registry System of China

Organization Committee
                                 John Forman                                       Désirée Gavhed
               New Zealand, ICORD Past-President
      Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
                                                                                          ICORD Secretariat

                       Rachel Yang, M.D., Ph.D.                          Zhihong Wu, Prof.
                 Director of International Affairs,                         Deputy Director of
                                     CORD                                     Beijing Key Laboratory for
                             General Manager,                    Genetic Research of Skeletal Deformity

                     Shanghai Phoebus Medical Co. Ltd.

                               Jane Cai, Ph.D.                                   Mengchun Gong, M.D.
Former General Manager of DIA China      Executive Director, National Rare Diseases
                     Senior Consultant of CORD                         Registry System of China

                             Xiaowei Jin, Ph.D.                                          Lei Xiao
                Director of Biology at Hua Medicine          Senior Manager of Patient Support, 
                      Senior Consultant of CORD                              RarePlus MedTech

                                                                                    Senior Consultant of CORD

                                Wendy Zhang                                  Fangmiao Chen, Ph.D.
                         Project Manager, CORD                              Project Manager, CORD

                               Nan Wu, M.D.                                            Xiaoning Sun
Doctor, PUMCH                                      Conference Secretary              
                                             Mei Zhu                              
               Project Manager, CORD

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Key Dates


September 7-10, 2017

Abstract Submission Deadline

August 10, 2017

Online Registration Deadline

September 3, 2017

On-site Registration Dates

September 7, 2017